Sunday, November 17, 2013

I'm getting married!

Everyone, I have an announcement to make.
I will be getting married on January 30, 2014 to Tristin, a 7 year old, who proposed to Zr. Aston and me.
We will be having our honeymoon in the Philippines, and his mom is ok with it.
Lets just say this week has been a riot!
We had appointments with members every day this week! So the week has really just flown on by. We also had a ton of opportunities to do service, which just adds all the more to the greatness of this week! I introduced Zr. Aston and the Elders to the kiltunnel this week, I think I have talked about that before. I thought it would be a good experience for them! They all wanted to take the escalator back... boring. But we had this fantastic appointment with the family that lives out there, and if there are photos of a bunch of missionaries doing monkey faces, that would be why...

We have an older couple in our ward that are pretty stinking wealthy. And they invited us over to do some service and eat dinner with them. This hasn't happened at all since I've been here, so I was nervous. And their gorgeous house doesn't exactly calm your nerves. We got to rake up TONS of leaves in their yard. I don't know where they came from because the trees are still full of them... But it was way fun and totally worth it. After that appointment we had another one with one of our new investigators! His name is S. And pretty much this guy has been prepared. He LOVES anything that talks about Christ and is just eating up the Book of Mormon! Literally. He is already almost done with Jacob. Well, he is probably all the way done at this point.He is such a cool guy, and is really progressing, I have super high hopes for him! If we can find him a ride to church! :)
We got to help one of the pregnant women in our ward with her garden as well this week! Mom, don´t get mad but I actually kind of enjoyed it. I think I like it more when I´m volunteering.
We made a deal with P this week... As of yesterday if he doesn't buy any more alcohol, we can´t buy any more sweets... If that isn't motivation I don´t know what is. Because he knows how much we love our European candy!

One of our less actives had us over for dinner this week. Her son is the one who LOVES us. Literally. I´m fine for the first couple minutes like when he sits by me and rubs my arm (it´s pretty Jason like) but when he sits up straight and puckers up his lips is when it´s gone a little too far. Talk about awkward missionary mode in full force. Super funny family though, I have never laughed harder than when I´m at their house.

I had one cool miracle I wanted to share from yesterday! On Saturday we saw this lady pushing a cart of stuff through the bike tunnel. It was pretty awkwardly piled and well, just plain weird. We didn't really think much of it though. Yesterday we saw the same lady pushing and even larger cart! With a giant dresser on it. So we stopped to help her. She was hesitant at first but then let us help her. This woman is moving to a new house on the other side of the city. And has been moving all of her stuff BY HERSELF ALL WEEK!!! No one will help her so she was just doing it. Are you kidding me?? It was so good that we stopped to help, and she was SO grateful. She told us just to put the dresser in the shed and she would take it up later. Oh you know to the TOP FLOOR where she lives. So we took it up for her. It was a good feeling and she was so sweet, she invited us back any time and we will be going back to help her get settled. This, this is why I am here. I love it :)
Ik houd van jullie! Have a wonderful week!
Liefs, Zr Packer
Also, sometimes the elders have us fix their pants and we can´t help but try them on...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I got to go to one the most beautiful places in the entire world this week! It is called the Temple!!!!
We had temple conference this week which means 3 zones went to the temple Wednesday morning, and who knows how many others went Tuesday evening. It was SO amazing! What is even cooler? The session is in Dutch, and we understood it all. And the spirit is CRAZY strong. I'm here to tell you right now, there is nothing more true than this church. We had a conference after which really means we have a few talks from the mission leaders, and then all the missionaries bond forever. And we eat pizza. That was a good plus. I actually was sitting by an elder while we were eating, and finished his pizza for him when he realized he had gotten too much.. (awkward..) And then didn't realize till the next day he was my new zone leader. This is going to be a great transfer.

We had quite a few random things happen this week. Like our lesson with P, we made him teach us the word of widsom... hahaha we think we are hilarious. Well, so does he. There is a picture attached and he had edited the word of wisdom to fit his standards... Lets just say I had to really think to make sure I was hearing the right thing when he started reading out of the pamphlet. Funny man, needs to just stop drinking already. He finally got the new keys to his house though, and we went with the elders to bless it! That was a super cool experience, and he also let them give him a blessing for a "new beginning" which is a HUGE deal for P who doesn't trust men.  So it was pretty amazing.

We have been doing tons and tons of contacting, because well, we need people to teach, and the Elders are getting referrals... We find lots of pretty positive people, but it all depends on their agency. We also may or may not have found the red light district in Dordrecht.. We will be avoiding that area from now on. I guess that lady wasn't kidding when she said to stay out of the neighborhood after dark. (Don't worry, we are perfectly safe and sound).

We got invited to a bridal shower this week! Random? kind of. One of the jovos.. (single adults) is getting married this next month and the ZHV (relief society...) had a bridal shower for her. That was way cool that they thought to invite us, and it was really nice to be able to go and have some time just with the members. Go team sister!
Zr. Aston's first experience with Fufu

Good news, the ward is doing amazing with the Elders now! We had uh.. ward council this week and it was probably the best one I have seen yet. The ward is finally catching the vision on missionary work. And I am positive we are about to see some wonders. It is really nice to work with the Elders. We also all get invited to dinner appointments together which is fun for these tiny dutch houses. Here are some pictures of Zr. Astons and Elder Raumas first encounter with Fufu. I can honestly say I think the Elders are here for more than one reason. Families are coming together more than I've seen in a while. It's way cool.

Elder Rauma and Elder Mower
So that's about it. We had an epic p-day today. We went to Rotterdam for a zone day/ Elder Mathis's birthday.  This church is true, and I know it with all my heart! Doesn't matter what everyone else says, and it doesn't matter that I'm only 20 years old. I know for myself and that is what's important. Ik houd van jullie. and Have a wonderful week!
Liefs. Zr Packer