Monday, September 29, 2014


Once upon a time I like to pretend I'm a genius and make up my own recipes. And conveniently it usually works out! This week I created my own banana pancake recipe (it was quite healthy mind you!) and they were delicious. And then today an American made us real pancakes. :)
That is a pretty good way to sum up our week! Just a whole lot of random. We had a zone training, Zr. Thomas's first and it was really good! We went right back to the basics of teaching, which was nice, because that is what we are focusing on this week in our 12 week training.
If any of you are feeling bored and need something hilarious to do go on youtube and search "tsjoe tsjoe wa" and do accordingly. That is what we do when we visit less actives babysitting their granddaughters. We do the Tsjoe Tsjoe wa. hahahahaha It's even funnier when the member is the one excited about it.
Now that I think about it we did a lot of American related activities this week! A half American family had us over Wednesday and we made Chicken pot pie! IT"S BEEN SOOOOO LOOOOONG!!!!!!! And it was so incredibly delicious. This is why I like these people, they keep surprising me with things I forgot I love!
This email is starting look like a whole lot of nonsense... I apologize. It's the timer in the corner that is stressing me out... Libraries do that to ya when the elders blow up the computer in the church... (it's ok, it was already broken...)
We did have another miracle today! So we spend a lot of time with the JoVo's, right? well one of them I may have mentioned, she is recently re-activated and on fire over missionary work!!! She texted us today saying one of her good friends would like to start the lessons with us this week! Which was super cool because just yesterday she told me that ANOTHER of her friends is coming to church in a few weeks, and ANOTHER is coming to conference. Are we kidding? This girl is a dream. We are excited to start helping her in teaching her friends the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That's my favorite part of being a missionary. Teaching :)
This week Zr. Thomas asked me:  Is most of our service yard work...?"" Yes... These people are very particular about their yards, so that is usually where the missionaries come in. We are also the "go to" friends when people are feeling lonely. And people wonder why I love it so much here! haha
I feel like I am just rambling now, and pictures won't be possible this week, but I love you all! Thanks for the love and support. I hope you all have a wonderfultastic week! :)
Liefs, Z Packer

Monday, September 22, 2014

I have a blog

So remember that part where I didn't know I had a blog till a couple months into
Zr. Packer and Zr. Thomas
my mission? Well.. Zr. Thomas has kindly let me know that it's one of the top results when people are looking up this mission. Needless to say.. My greenie read my blog before she knew me.

I'm famous! haha.
This week has been quite a bit of fun! A lot of adjusting and re-adjusting and well... Missionary work! Zr. Thomas came fresh into the land Tuesday and has the Dutch of someone on their 3rd transfer. It's ridiculous how pre-trained she is. She doesn't even need me around. I'm just like the tour guide. haha Since someone (me) dropped the ball last week and didn't call anyone we had a total of no appointments planned, so we spent most of the week contacting, knocking, and looking up any investigator kind of person. Then I picked up the ball again and made sure to make appointments for the next coming 2 weeks... Can you blame me? I may have been in freak out mode. 
Zr. Brown and Zr. Packer
Thursday I got to see Zr. Brown one last time before she leaves the land of nether for a while! She and her parents ate dinner with a member who conveniently likes us too so we came along. It was really nice and definitely a night of flashbacks. It's a little strange being at the end of your mission and working with someone who just barely got here. However, there is also so much more that I can learn. I look forward to it!
Mini miracles from the week include the spur of the moment talk that bishop had us give in church. It was like teaching a lesson, but to the whole ward at once from the pulpit. I actually quite enjoyed it! And it was nice because we have been wanting to teach the restoration to the members, and well.. A lot of the ones we are working with happened to be there so it worked out perfectly! Also, we spent our evening looking up some potentials that have been on the list since before I got here, and ALL of them were super positive. (remember when I picked up the ball again? Tender mercy.) We have a lot of great things planned for the coming week. I'm loving it. I look forward to it. I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 
Liefs, Z Packer
The week of: Miracles, the Flu, Ballard, Fulfillment, a Pregnancy, and a Cold Blooded Murder
You might be wondering why I have such a strange subject heading. I will have you all know I've been planning this for weeks.
Zr. Larson and Zr. Packer
This week was full of miracles! Mostly from the inactives we have been working with! not only did most of them have the opportunity to go to the Elder Ballard fireside for our stake, but a TON of them showed up to church on Sunday! Woohoo! It was super cool to see, and working with them this week was so  much fun. I have heard so many great testimonies and stories that have really just motivated me. 
the FLU:
I don't actually know if it's the flu, but Zr. Larson was sick all last week and decided to get me sick as well. yay.
Elder M. Russell Ballard (quorum of the 12) came to not only speak to our mission, but there was also a women's conference broadcast to all of Europe, and a fireside for our stake personally!!! It was probably one of the best weeks I've had in a while. He talked a lot to us about just keeping it simple. Starting with the basics! Our testimonies need a sure foundation of the restoration and the plan of salvation. It was just a really cool experience. 
Zr. Spencer and Zr. Packer
You might remember that in the MTC Zr. Spencer and I made a pact that we would some time in our missions work together. Well.. She, being my sister training leader, gets to go on exchanges with me! And we did just that this week! It was so much fun, we talked about all the fun times in the MTC. Oh, speaking of.. The Ballard conference was with our ENTIRE mission. Meaning... I saw my ENTIRE MTC GROUP!!! Talk about reunion? IT was so much fun to see and we even took a picture to show how great it was. 
I'm killing Zr. Larson. She is going home Thursday. I am pretty sad about it.. .But uh... I guess that brings me to the part of my title that I skipped...
The Whole MTC group.
Zr. Packer, Elder Loorbach, and Zr. Western
Yes, I am going to be a mother. You are reading that correct... 
I'm training. 
I will admit I am excited and nervous all at the same time. It will be super fun to train someone my very last transfer. Oh can you believe that? It's my LAST transfer! And I'm getting a baby greenie! So.. I guess we will see how things are going this next week! 
I hope this is long enough.. I realize they are getting shorter. Sorry? 6 more weeks. :) I love you all!
Liefs, Z Packer
(photo of the 3 amigos re-united!)