Sunday, July 13, 2014

Go Nederland!

Hey there people! Happy Birthday 'Merica!!!! We have had a super fantastical week. It all started when we went to the Apenheul! or in other words.. A park full of monkeys! It was probably the coolest thing I have ever seen. a lot of the monkeys are just loose throughout the park and if you hold still they climb on you! (usually searching for something to eat...) While a monkey climbed on Zr. Frandsens head one climbed on my arm and bit me.... No worries though, they have no freaky diseases, and it wasn't a big bite at all. A nice worker lady cleaned it for me and gave me a letter to take to the hospital in case it gets infected. No side effects yet, so I say well worth it. We definitely were spoiled this 4th of July! A member here really wanted us to feel at home, so she is the one who took us to Apenheul. She also threw together a BBQ for us. -Delicious!- and we played soccer, and she made a Jello flag for us! How sweet is that? It was a lot of fun. The members here are really good to us.
Speaking of Soccer.. World Cup anyone? Guess who has permission to watch the game Wednesday now that Nederland is going to the semi-finals? That's right. It is HUGE here!!!! What a cool time to be in Holland, these people go CRAZY over the World Cup.Oh yeah, I guess you guys want to hear about missionary stuff too eh?
We have some really cool investigators we are working with. Mainly a guy named S. He has been taught all of the lessons, and is builing his faith, but won't get baptized until he stands %100 behind the church. Well, we had probably one of the most powerful lessons I've seen with him the other day. We talked to him about the Godhead and really just built it up to a film about Christ (Because of Him- look it up) And the spirit ATTACKED! You could see it. It was amazing, and I think it was a nudge he needed.
It is really fun having so many missionaries in one city. We are like this big family. I am, in fact, enjoying working in a trio. It is different for sure and takes a little extra work, but I love both of my companions which makes it worth it! We have also become the wards wedding planning committee... I say that because 2 couples are getting married this week, and who better to ask for decorating help than the missionaries? Volunteer work right? We are enjoying ourselves, and it is way nice to see the members actually asking for our help!
That's about it for this week... I will send pictures. Oh. And a shout out to miss Flan-flan. I miss you! And I miss everyone else. Ok. Love you all :)
Liefs, Z Packer

 July 1, 2014
This week has been a week of new! Everything is new to me! I'll be honest it is a little bit overwhelming! Go figure....
It all started with Monday while we were at the carnival. You see... It's been a while since I have been to a carnival, and forgot that even when you sit on your pockets on a ride, that doesn't necessarily mean everything will stay in them. Including your camera... So as our ride takes a turn upside down I felt my lovely camera slide up my back and watched it crash to the ground...
Don't worry the pictures are fine, and I was able to get a nice new camera within a few hours. {New}
Now I am in Apeldoorn!!! {New} with 2 companions! {New} in a city with 9 missionaries!!! {New} in a HOUSE {New} So... I guess you could say I am enjoying it. Apeldoorn is a cute place, and I feel pretty excited to be working here. Zr. Taylor and Zr. Frandsen are pretty great. We are getting along nicely and since Zr. Frandsen has only been here one transfer, we are all figuring things out together.
Sunday was pretty overwhelming seeing as this is the first "big" ward I have served in! That's pretty sad seeing as most people don't even consdier Apeldoorn to be big. It is bigger than my 30-40 people branches I've been serving in! There are definitely a lot of people to work with and get to know here, so I am excited to see the miracles that will come. Cool things about this ward are that we serve with the Zone Leaders, the Chinese elders, and the Senior couple! Get this, Zr. Kleijn (senior sister) reminds me exactly of Grandma Packer! It is so funny. And makes me feel a little bit closer to home.
We have some cool investigators here, one of which we are all positive is going to be baptized this transfer. He is ready he just needs to see it for himself.
The miracles I mentioned last week? Well, my last day in Assen we taught C (wonder referral) and the lesson was INCREDIBLE! The spirit was so strong, and it was just like an attack of spiritualness with every point. By the end Zr. Western felt the need to share the Mormon Channel with her, and that is what really hit her! She said the closing prayer for us and cried! I haven't heard such a strong prayer like that in a really long time. It was incredible. I am so blessed to have been able to experience that.
Well... Sorry mom, trying to make it longer  but I don't have much else to say :D Other than that we are going to a monkey zoo friday (for the 4th of july) and monkeys will climb on us! Wish us luck!
Liefs, Zr Packer