Sunday, September 15, 2013

Once upon a time our ward thought they were getting new missionaries. hahahahaha.... They didn't seem terribly excited we had stayed. Why? I'm not sure. All I know is the honeymoon phase is most definitely over. However, that doesn't mean we don't have any support. Our support comes from the inactives who LOVE us, and our investigators. I can't even tell you how often our investigators try and give us things. I think they think we are starving or something... It's super sweet though. 

We had a super great lesson with B this week introducing the commandments. It all seems so natural for him! We really pushed church attendance, and come to find out his job with the funky hours that makes him so tired is mostly volunteer!!! What?! This man is a saint! He just wants to keep busy and help people. I'm going to be more like him some day. He took us to a Moroccan (no idea how to spell that... please help me....) market right after our lesson and got us this thing of bread, funky olives and dates... The thought was nice :) 

P is on 6 days sober! woohoo! He wants to go 10 days and then keep adding. He went on a frenzy and threw all of his alcohol away, and since he shops with us he has no way of getting some legally.. :) I have lots of faith in him. S is on 2 weeks no smoking! It's super!!! We just have to make sure we check up on him regularly or else he gets depressed... 

We had all sorts of crazy miracles happen! I will explain why the inactives are our supporters. We went out to literally the middle of nowhere to look up ONE man. just one. on a whim. Got there and his wife lets us in. She LOVES the missionaries. And apparently she is a member too! And they have this adorable baby girl! I have NO idea why they are inactive, I think something big may have happened, but they were super nice and friendly. Well yesterday she called us! And invited us over for dinner, and then told us she had a friend with interest in the church that would be there...
WE GOT A REFERRAL FROM AN INACTIVE?!?! I can't even tell you how excited we are. This lady knows all about the gospel too, so it will be quite the experience. Also as we were biking along yesterday this guy calls out "sisters!" We flip around to talk to him and he starts asking where the church is. Apparently he is a member too!!! He is only here for 3 months, but he is going to try and make it to church this next week! God is truly looking after his children, He doesn't forget anyone!

I missed America this week. We were on the water bus with this caravan of Americans doing some bike trip through Holland and Belgium. It was HILARIOUS!  This man came up to us because he knew we were Mormon missionaries. And just started talking to us. Then he was going around the bus "have you talked to the girls from Utah yet? They are the Mormon missionaries!" Ah it made us feel so welcome! That's about it really. We have some really good potentials we are trying to work with. A potential family that was referred to us too! So the Lord is most definitely answering our prayers. I know that without a doubt!

And uh yeah! I read Omni today, that was interesting. If you read it I want you to think about why it is in the book of Mormon. cool? Well success everyone this week!
Ik houd van jullie!!!
Liefs, Zr packer

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