Tuesday, August 6, 2013

2 Emails!

Sorry everyone! Apparently I don't know how to send emails... But on the bright side...

IK BEN 20!!!!!

That's probably the weirdest thing ever, but it feels good. We had a pretty fantastic week!! We finally got bikes! Oh that is the biggest blessing I've ever had. The last time I got a bike for my birthday I was 12... how weird. But the work goes SO much better when we aren't just walking everywhere and trying to use a bus system that is only half of the time working. It's so great! However, that being said... I am not a pro biker... Therefore I may or may not have crashed into a bush already. It was terrifying, so don't laugh too hard. 
S has been almost a week without smoking! Oh I am so excited for him! He has the strongest faith, I truly admire it! We had a really interesting appt with P... So much better than him being hung over my first time meeting him! Mostly because I told him like 5 Thousand times not to drink before our appt. He doesn't believe that the atonement works for him, because he has done so many bad things in his life... It truly is so sad. We have no idea how to help him, this guy has been investigating for 5 or so years.... We meet with him to keep him out of trouble at this point. But I know he could progress!!! 

We got a man named B on date!!! That was super exciting! Then he didn't come to church.. So we are going to have some words with him. Nice ones of love of course. And also we had our first appt with a woman named F. Oh she is a firey one! hahaha We met her on the street, and it was such a good contact. She wanted to talk to us more about Jesus, so we tried having a first lesson, but really she just told us all the bad experiences she has had with churches. (preachers cheating on their wives, the wives not believing her... that sort of thing.) If we could get her on topic I think she would do so well! She also should probably come to church since she said she would and didn't... Then again, she also wants to set me up with her son... I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Members are starting to cooperate! It is so cool! Prayers are being answered and I love it, I think it is mostly because one of their own is going on a mission.. This mission to be exact, but it is so great. I hope we can continue to progress with them. Sweet Br. D came and told me he had written my birthday down so he wouldn't forget it. Oh my I about cried that made me so happy. The people here can be so amazing.

My birthday was good! We fasted, so yeah Fasting and biking aren't my favorite combo, but it was so worth it when we visited an inactive and her husband had conveniently made homemade strawberry isje with watermelon and grapes... BEST THING I'VE HAD IN MY LIFE!!!! Oh my word. So worth it. And the A's made delicious rice and chicken. So I was quite happy. Jason would be proud to hear I went to McDonalds this afternoon. Tried a Mckroket.. Why these aren't international I don't know. Its like breaded potatoes and gravy in a burger. WHAT?! so good. Zr Elting and I are doing so good, we get along so well, and it's even better because the both of us together have a hard time understanding :) Makes things super exciting. A little shopping will happen today, because I need to fit in better than I do! Thank you all for your love and support!!!!  I would love it if you read 2 Nephi 1 OR 2 Nephi 32, both have come up a lot this week and I would love to hear any thoughts?
Ik houd van jullie so veel!!!!
Liefs, Zr Packer

Last week's letter!!!
Hello everyone from the Beautiful city of DORDRECHT!!!
I am totally loving it here, its beautiful, and this is a little closer to the language I learned in the MTC! Huzzah! So uh yeah, this week has been madness, 3 cheers for transfers. I met up with Zr Elting Wednesday after a good 2 days of traveling all over Belgium and the Netherlands. We had to drop people off and pick people up all over the place. I will be getting rid of my Luggage by next transfer -_- 

Zuster Packer and Zuster Elting
Our first day Zr Elting taught me to achterop! Bwahaha! Basically everyone here just piles on to the same bike, its pretty nice when you can actually get on. Its not so nice when you break the bike. The only bike either of you have access to... So we have been walking everywhere! That has been an adventure, walking is so not efficient here. But we make do. All of the bike people are on vacation so we have a while before we can get one, we cross our fingers for this week though!

The Ward here is huge compared to my little gemeente in Genk! Oh my I was a bit overwhelmed, but it will be good. I think the members here were more sad that the other zuster left and that I was here, than the members in Genk were that we left....  That makes for an awkward introduction. But I am doing my best to work with them, love them, and make friends! So far I have loved every one of our members we have had dinner appointments with! Not just because they are all amazing cooks either! They are so sweet and loving, now if we could turn that love out to the inactives and investigators... Its not JUST our job... 

We have this pretty interesting investigator named P, he has been investigating forever! But he has a few issues. He drinks, smokes, and doesn't believe the atonement works for him. jammer. But he has SUCH strong faith in the gospel and comes to church weekly! I just don't know how to help him have faith in himself and the Lord! S is the other investigator I have met, he has been here forever, and his family is all back in Africa. He also has had all the lessons, and is working to get over smoking so that he can get baptized! He is doing SO good, I hope we can get him to baptism this transfer, he wants it so bad! Br D is the last person I wanted to mention. He is an inactive, and probably the coolest guy I've ever met. He totally has the strongest testimony of the gospel, and has made it a goal to go to the Temple! He too has to quit smoking.. I don't get why smoking is so big over here, it smells so gross... But yeah! He has like 4000 books and he has written a few, and even gave us a Dutch Idiom book! 

So cool! Oh, I had forgotten I titled this fufu, I had fufu for the first time yesterday. It was actually pretty good!! Except... It expands in your stomach, oh my word it fills you up so fast! and they give you so much! AND YOU HAVE TO EAT ALL OF IT!!! It's madness, but they are so sweet, so that makes it ok. 

Hey guess what, I'll be 20 next time you hear from me! How cool is that?! I'm excited, but it will be just like any other day :) Oh, and always send packages to the mission office!

Ik houd van jullie!!! I'm Always praying for you guys and the girls. Thanks for all of your love and support!
Liefs, Zr Packer

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