Sunday, October 27, 2013

6 Months!

Transfer Week!!!! It has been probably the craziest week I've had in a long time! And I do have to say, I don´t think I've laughed as hard as I have this last week in a very very long time. Needless to say, it´s going to be a good transfer.
Zusters Elting and Packer

Zr. Aston is my companion! I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out seeing as we have known each other for years, but never really hung out. I can honestly say I think she is one of the funniest people I know. I am so incredibly blessed to have her here as my companion. We haven´t really had anything exciting happen this week since we have spent most of it just finding. We gave most of our investigators over to the Elders, so we are taking a step back and starting from square 1 again. These people just react so funny to us, it kills me. We had one lady open the door while we were doing bell ups to tell us she wasn't interested, and then proceeded to tell us we need to go outside and close the door before we ring any more bells.. Well no duh.. We aren't sure if she heard or not but as we were walking out Zr. Aston just exclaims `What are we, Animals?!` I lost it. It´s going to be hard finding people if I can´t keep it together for longer than ten minutes.

I don't think they're starving.
The Elders are SO wonderful! Elder Mower is training Elder Rauma. When Elder Rauma introduced himself I heard it wrong, so I've been calling him Elder Ramen all week... He doesn't really appreciate that, but it´s the only name I remember. He is a fresh out of the water greenie. He FREQUENTLY... asks if I know were we are or where we are going. On our way to a members house he just yells, "Sisters! Are you sure this is still in our area??" It will be good though. All of the sudden we have appointments with Members though! Just because Elders are here.. 

We had an appointment with an inactive this week who is really hard to get in contact with. She told us she is ready to come back to the church for her 2 sons, which is SO cool! Her whole family are members, and she has just had a few rough patches in her life that made her want to go inactive. What is so cool is that she totally knows it´s true! And We are pretty sure she doesn't want to do it JUST for her kids, we are positive she wants it back in her life herself. So cool. Also, her children are NUTS. I cried laughing for a good 20 minutes because they were all over the place being little terrorizers. She said if she doesn't get them to church they might turn out to be thiefs... One of them also proposed to us... I´m very excited for our next appointment. She is a funny lady! That´s about it! Just lots of contacting and me trying to introduce these 3 new missionaries to the beautiful land of Dordrecht! The work is slow, but I think we are going to see some amazing things this transfer.
Ik houd van jullie!
Liefs, Zr Packer
What's a mission if you aren't having a little fun!

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