Sunday, October 6, 2013

Land of Deception

This place can be so decieving. Somedays it looks horribly cold outside so we bundle up like crazy, then within an hour of being outside we are dying of heat. More often it looks like a BEAUTIFUL day outside, but no. It is colder than ice cold. Deception I tell you!

This week was a fun week! We had Zone Conference! Which is probably my favorite thing in the entire world. It is amazing the friendships I have already made in my short time out here, I love everyone who was there! And of course the spiritual enlightenment that comes with such inspired teachers. Sometimes you just need that extra dose of spirit to get re-motivated to do the work!

We had an appointment with a member who lives pretty far out in our area (actually that was every appointment this week), but this one in particular lives in a place where you have to take a tunnel to get there. It is named the "Kiltunnel" I'm not even lying. It makes you feel like you are going to die. And it is SO much fun! The video is too big to send, so everyone will just have to wait to see that, but I did attach a picture of the sign right before you enter. Basically, you get going so fast down hill that you can't pedal anymore.. But then you have to get back uphill. And that is killer on your legs. The appointment was so worth it though! We are gaining more trust from the members I think! And it is wonderful! Oh- should probably mention we got Zr. Eltings bike fixed. Luckily. There is no way we would have done that together. But we used a rented bike for that day... Anyway.

We had exchanges the day before Zone Conference, so that was exciting. I got to work in Gouda again, which is a beautiful city. And I got to eat delicious Finnish food at a members house. Hoorah! 
However, while I was there, Zr Elting was here in Dordrecht with our investigators...S Smoked.  3 of them.
Yeah, he said it was because he was mad at Nederland, like that is a valid reason. I was super annoyed when I heard that... So... We have to wait at least another month now, and hopefully we can help him see that it is between him and the Lord. We aren't going to visit him as often, because at this point we are just babying him. 

P seems to be doing alright. He bought a super expensive bike, which I think is super ridiculous. But he is happy for now, and really working on stopping drinking. He wanted to come with us to the Zorg to visit the Older women who can't come to church... That was interesting to say the least, but he behaved. Luckily Zr. A is a fiery woman and was in a good mood, so she handled it well.
M is our main progresser right now! She takes our challenges seriously! She has a lot of really deep questions, and we are just doing our best to direct her to the Book of Mormon for her answers. She likes meeting with us, and I think if she can learn to trust the book.  Then she will be able to progress in her faith! woohoo!
B is doing ok, I think we are having to backtrack a bit with him, but he is still a great friend and Always willing to serve us.  

Here are just a few pictures of the things we have seen this week, and a little taste of home, we found construction :) Oh, and Mexican food. 
Zr. Packer

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