Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Helaas Pindakaas!
I have a stress fracture in my foot.(Taylor hurt her foot before she left for her mission.  We had it checked out, but it has gotten worse since she's been in the MTC). So I'm in a super attractive boot!!! Just for a few weeks and the doctor will check it again. Other than that I am doing super great! Our group (both districts) is so great! and I really love every one of them! I asked the Elders in my district for a blessing a few days ago because my foot was really aching. I honestly have a firm testimony of the MTC. It has done something to these boys that makes them beyond incredible. I know I will heal without problems because of that blessing. I was so glad to hear from every one!

 I was so sad I couldn't call on Mothers Day, but we can call in about 4 weeks from the airport to keep you updated on our flights and such! I also sent you a letter Mom, about half the girls in my district signed it too. I thought you would find that funny. :) I know your trip to get the girls will be great! (The adoption for our 2 girls from Haiti has been finalized and we are getting ready to pick them up). You have nothing to worry about because I know the Lord is watching over all of us! We keep getting told no news is good news (for their VISA's to Netherlands/Belgium). So I have no idea how things will go with our travel plans. However, we have been told that our mission doesn't usually have issues. (I just have to heal before I can leave or I'll be like the sister that was here our first week!) I would like to mention DearElder is a great resource! ;) I would get your emails the same day if you used that. It also makes the missionaries feel important :)

  The language is coming so well. We are learning so much! And every day is just more proof of how true this gospel is! I pray for each of you all the time and I know that we are in our Heavenly Father's care! Ik houd van julie!
Love, Zuster Packer

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