Thursday, May 30, 2013

This week was fantastic!  Our branch consisted of all the Scandenavian (yeah that spelling is horrendous) missions and Dutch. Well, all of the Norwegians left yesterday. One of which was Elder Schultz. He was like the super hyper active weird kid that for some reason every one loved! Yeah, I cried. And he cried. And it was great. It's so weird because our branch is just Dutch now! We get 8 new West Indies missionaries tomorrow, and a few more for Sweden I think. ALL ELDERS. Us sisters thought we were going to take over the MTC here! Mmm I'm not sure if I trust the doctors here any more or not. I went in, and he told me I'm fine just wear the boot if it swells again, well it swelled again. Luckily I'm blessed with Zuster Anderson who is (Mom you'll be jealous) A MASSAGE THERAPIST. It's amazing and she is more than willing to take care of me. I love her. Dutch. No I don't dream in it yet, Zuster Spencer does yell in it in her sleep though, it's so hilarious. 
Oh and I just remembered I want to clarify whats going on with my foot. The pain is NOT where the tendonitis was. It is a different pain and it's swollen in a different spot. I also hate the boot with all my heart. It doesn't have any arch support so I really am convinced it makes things worse. Oh well.. I'll figure it out. 
I'm so proud of Kyle and that talk! I'd love a copy if that's possible! The priesthood IS an amazing blessing, but it is the WORST thing to try and explain to someone who has never heard of it. 1000 times harder in Dutch. We did get the point across to our investigators though. And our teacher has told us we are improving so well! 

We have a teacher Br. Mohrman. At first we were all super scared of him, because he was our first investigator. And he didn't smile. We all love him now because he has the weirdest personality, it's great! He teaches us things and calls it "Mohrman Doctorine". HAHA! So great. He also refers to us as Zuster-kjes. Which is kinda like calling us his little sisters! It's adorable. And weird... Because really he is the same age as all my newly returned friends.
I have not done drop offs yet. Our "Dutch Daddies" do them all the time though. (I know that sounds weird, but they are the West Indie Missionaries who got here right before us, they treat us like family.) We have 2 WEEKS LEFT!! HOW?! I may be freaking out a little bit, but I am SO excited to get out there and share this amazing gospel with real people! -Not to say our teachers who pretend to be investigators aren't real, but you get the point. And TRC is amazing, we get to talk to actual members who speak Dutch. It's amazing.
This gospel is so true, I know that Jezus Christus is our savior and he loves us! I am where I am supposed to be!
Ik houd van jullie!
Love, Zuster Packer

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  1. It's so fun to hear how Taylor is doing! Brings back memories of my mission. Missions are awesome and I can already see the growth!