Wednesday, June 5, 2013

She's heading out!

Everyone. I'm going to the Netherlands on Monday.
I am so stinking excited you wouldn't believe it. Cross our fingers that everyone's Visa's went through ok!
Our flight is around 11 am so expect a call from the airport before that!!! Like between 8 and 11. Our flight is straight to Amsterdam, we get there 8 am. woof.
 I did go to the doctor yesterday. I had to go off campus because the foot specialist isn't coming back to the MTC till after I leave. Basically the "stress fracture" doesn't hurt any more. My foot is still swollen though, and I have a weird bump on the tendon that previously had tendonitis. The doctor said it's probably a cyst... However, it is too small for him to really try and drain it, and we are too pressed on time for any kind of surgery. So we aren't doing anything. I got a refill on anti inflamatories and another incredible blessing from my sweet Elders. I know I'll be ok. I actually am not worried about it at all anymore. The Lord is taking care of his missionaries.
Language is coming so well! We are supposed to only speak in Dutch from here out, especially since we are the example for the new missionaries. It is difficult at times, but you wouldn't believe how good we are getting. (For being Americans...) I know we are in for a major humbling once we get there, but it is super exciting right now. I have found this amazing love for the Book of Mormon that I never thought I could have. I am so eager for study time just so I can read inside of it. The spirit is teaching me so much here! Mijn collega and I are finally figuring out how to give good lessons where we both speak and the spirit is truly testifying! (only took 5 weeks...). Our last full week with our amazing teachers and tiny classroom?! But I don't even know how to explain how excited I am to get out there!
Ik houd van jullie!
Jullie zijn de beste!
Love, Zuster Packer

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  1. So fun! I love how excited she is. Brings back memories! Good luck Taylor!