Monday, June 17, 2013

She headed out today!

Taylor called us last Friday to let us know she was approved to leave Monday.  She left the MTC at 5 this morning and called us from the airport at 7 am.  We loved talking to her. She was the only Dutch sister Mon-Wed because her companion and district left last Monday.  She was watched over by the Elders going to Suriname (also Dutch speaking...who knew??) and her teachers.  New Dutch sisters scheduled to go to the same mission in 6 weeks arrived Wednesday, so she's had some company. She said there were 4 from Pleasant Grove.  That would be a total of 6 sisters in the same mission from Pleasant Grove High!

The stress fracture in Taylor's foot has healed and the cyst is still there, but does not hurt. Last week, Taylor's Grandma Stubbert did not feel we were getting enough answers about her foot and called her nephew, who happens to be the Dr. at the MTC.  He called Taylor in (she did not know they were cousins) and told her he needed to get her cleared to leave because his Aunt Lorna wanted answers.  Thank heavens for Grandma's and miracles!

During our conversation with Taylor, she talked excitedly about her experiences in the MTC.  She is so happy to finally be traveling to her mission.  Taylor flew solo since her group left last week.  She traveled to Minneapolis and then on to Amsterdam.  The trip was supposed to take about 13 hours.  I assume she is already in the country and has been met by the President.  Amsterdam/Belgium is 8 hours ahead.
She will probably email us when she arrives and has received her assignment and companion.  I will keep you posted.

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