Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ik raakte een paniek!( I got scared) 

Our teachers teach us funny phrases.

Thank you SO much for the packages and letters. (Dad your letter made my day!) They really mean a lot and my district definitely loves the stash of junk food we have created. There's a lot.  This week was pretty good! I did lie, mijn collega is from Washington. How I got Montana in my head beats me. Uh. well. Zuster Spencer is from Arizona, Zuster Rosenlof California, Zuster Anderson St. George, and Zuster Elting Idaho.

We have 2 teachers. Br. Robinson is Dutch, and he is absolutely hilarious. He gave me Ashley's address (Like Amy and Ashley). Because he knows like everyone in the world. Our second teacher is Br. Mohrman. He was actually our "investigator" our first week. So honestly we are all a little scared of him. One day he said "So, my boss is coming to observe me today... So, try not to cry." In a funny way of course. Even though sometimes we aren't sure if he is being serious or not.

She wrote to her G-Ma:
"We have heard a few talks here about learning not only our mission language, but the language of the spirit. So I love that you mentioned that! We are definitely learning it. It's not always easy, but its most definitely possible. I really love it here at the MTC. I love my district, companion, our second district. And just every thing about it! The Church really is true! and I have found this amazing love for the Book of Mormon."

(From Mom) I got this shirt on MY mission 21 years ago.  Taylor loves it.  We both feel the same way about mornings.

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