Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas is coming!

Hey everyone! Guess what!!!!
Like for real this time! Everything is getting all set up, the ward is totally on board and S is literally counting down the days! I AM SO EXCITED!!! It is so great to see the excitment and love that is happening. What a cool experience for S to get baptized right while we are all celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!
Pretty much, this is going to be the best week ever.

I don't know if we did much more than plan for that this week...
S on the other hand... pretty much dumped us this week. His girlfriend doesn't appreciate us teaching him the law of chastity, and well, doesn't want us to meet anymore... He agreed to another apointment for this week, so I guess we will just have to see how that goes.

We had Zone conference this week with President Teixeira? or something like that from the 70. It was AMAZING! I love the spirit that comes with a whole bunch of missionaries getting together. I learn so many new things every time and feel SO blessed that I get to be a part of this. So cool!
We got to meet our new ward mission leader this week! Totally wasn't what we were expecting when we went over to eat with them, but we are super excited. He is definitely the guy for the job, and Dordrecht is going to see some miracles through him.

Other than that we are just trying to do a lot of contacting. Dordrecht had a HUGE Christmas market this week through basically the whole city. (That means a lot of traffic.. and not with cars. People.) It was pretty exciting to go see, and we passed out flyers for a Christmas concert that will be this Sunday. People are at least a tiny bit more open when its Christmas time!

I am sad to hear things didn't go through this week for the girls (update on girls:  We are leaving Dec. 27 to pick them up)
, but I know the Lord has it in his hands. We've come this far. I am excited for when we DO get them, and will continually be praying for that!
Thanks for all of your love and prayers, ik hou van jullie!
Liefs, Z Packer

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