Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Emailing

So, a lot of people remembered I'm on a mission and emailed me this week.. So I am a little bit short on time! It's ok though, because I can't really even remember what happened this week!

We will start with So. We had only one lesson with him this week, and he started it out sharing the strongest most powerful testimony I've heard in a long time about the gospel and how he knows it's true and that he is ready to be baptized as soon as he can! We were SO excited about that and it was so great to hear. However, that was right before we taught the law of chastity. Which he completely understands and agrees with, but isn't sure what to do about his girlfriend... They can't get married yet because of some complications. So we aren't really sure what to do to help him.. Ah :/ it was so heart breaking to have to tell him he needs to wait to get baptized until he can follow that law. But I know things will work out for the best.

Sa announced to us Saturday that he wants to be baptized this week! WHAT? That was pretty spur of the moment. We talked to our ward leaders and compromised with him for 2 weeks so we can get everything put together. Yikes! My first baptism!!! We are super excited for him and scrambling to put everything together! Wish us luck!

This week was Sinter Klaas!!! It was a pretty good day. We visited a lot of members, and had dinner at oone of their homes. After we had eaten dinner we were helping clean up so that we could make some speckulaas... And we had JUST talked about the tradition of sinter klaas when we heard a knock on the door. Zr Aston and I were just sitting there wondering why they weren't answering the door when the wife comes out and says. "you should reeeeeally go see who was at the door!" Oh! we finally got it. Sinter Klaas had come to their house with gifts for us! It was so sweet! That made for a really fun evening. The next day we had a sinter klaas party at the church for the kids, and there was a kind of after party for the adults that we got invited to. Basically just a white elephant game. I don't remember what they called it though.

That's about all of the excitement from this week! Our new district is pretty much the most awkward thing in the world, it's pretty great. And We are SUPER excited for Zone Conference this week with a general authority! I'd tell you who but I don't remember his name. So we are pretty stoked for that!
I am praying and praying. I hope everything goes well this week! Ik houd van jullie allemaal!!!!
Liefs, Z Packer

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