Sunday, December 8, 2013

We are known to get lost

Taylor's Mom and Dad were happy to see Elder Mower (rt)
 at his Homecoming today!
This week has been a crazy week of weird emotions! so after my email last week we got a call telling us that Elders will NOT be coming back to Dordrecht this transfer... WHAT??? It was super weird, and we aren't sure how we feel about it.. But I guess it's the Lords choice, not ours. Also. They have torn our district apart! So... It is completely new now. We are alittle bit scared to go to district meeting this week, but I'm sure all will be well!

After the Elders left this week we went to their apartment to collect the area book and such so we could follow up with everyone they had talked to... We also discovered what a disaster they left it! Elders... It's ok though, because we are nice sisters and cleaned it up for them. Mostly because we didn't want rotten food all over the place. The ward is super sad that Elders are gone again.

I also forgot to mention last week that we participated in the annual Belgium/Netherlands Turkey bowl! I have been sore all week from it... There is a reason I don't play football.  Ow. Don't worry though, I'm still in one whole piece!

Zr. Packer and Elder Mower
Things are going SUPER well with S! We have made it so we are now meeting with him twice a week, AND He made it to church this week! I am so incredibly excited for him!!! We had an appointment with another joint teach and she was SO great! He even brought his girlfriend to the appointment to listen in. It was SO cool and the spirit was so strong. I have a feeling in time she will be open to it. :) It is really cool to see his faith as well, since he tells us every time we extend a  commitment (such as the word of wisdom) He tells us as long as it brings him closer to God, then why wouldn't he do it? SO great!

We had another day of raking up leaves for a couple in our ward. They were surprised that we finished as quickly as we did! What do you know the sisters can do labor without the elders help ;-) It would have been nice, but at least they know we can hold our own.

Here is where the subject line comes in. We had to go get a legallity card for Zr. Aston and well... Got lost. So we were on trains the whole day. And when we got home found out I have to go get mine as well.. So. Well, that happened.
Missionary Food
The work is still going pretty good, I just don't know what else to say this week! Oh except we had an appointment with one of our favorite families this week! It was just as hilarious as every time (the one that proposed to me) and they want us back before they go on a trip to Scotland for Christmas! Woohoo! It is so cool to see that just our visits can help. I have so much faith in this family! 
Not sure what this is???

Success with the adoption stuff this week! I have never prayed so hard for something in my life! I am so very excited. Ik houd van jullie!!!
Liefs, Zr Packer

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