Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Genkster Squad

Good Morning from the Genksters!

I forgot to mention that is our nickname out here, and ironically enough we have been finding "genk-ster squad" stickers all over Genk! I'm so glad to hear everyone is doing just great, and that so much is going on at home! The 4th here was super boring. Probably because its not a holiday.

Last week I actually sent my email pretty early because we were on our way to Antwerpen for a distric Pday! Elder Ombach (one of our district leaders) loves planning district pdays. So, he took us on a tour of Antwerpen to see the old castles and cathedrals, it was so cool! We even got to go through this MASSIVE tunnel that goes under the river. So it pretty much was one of the coolest and most exhausting days ever.

K is progressing still, but we did have to bump his baptism because he still has a bit of an issue with coffee. I have never seen someone with that much faith though, so I know he can do it. What is truly amazing is I think we are finally getting through to his friend A! I have no doubt he felt the spirit in our last lesson. He hasn't kept any commitments yet, but I know he at least feels something. Speaking of our Africans... The other day we were headed to an appointment with G and J. We walked past the African Coffee Bar, and H (our tiny english member joint-teacher) was hanging out there... With basically ALL of our investigators. What? So G and J were there and took us to this super random back room behind the bar for our lesson, and K and A joined us for the lesson, it was actually super cool! Definitely quite the experience. When we were done, this Jamacian man stopped us because we are Jesus's people, and wanted to make us these wicker rings, he talked forEVER about how society is corrupt and such, it was kind of hilarious.

Things with Z had to end abruptly, he proposed to Zr Israelsen... He wasn't in this with the right intentions, and wasn't exactly happy when we sent elders to him. So, we are having to get our number changed so he will leave us alone. Speaking of, you wouldn't believe how necessary phones are for missionary work. Ours was shut off for a day because the company was freaking out, and we were honestly stuck, because we couldn't follow up, or find the people we were teaching. I have a testimony of technology. We have 2 super cool new investigators. One was a street contact J, and he brought his friend S to our lesson yesterday, we committed them to baptism when they know it is true, and both said they are willing to do their best! I'm very excited about it!
So glad you got in contact with Zr Browns mom, actually its hilarious. And I chewed out Zr Israelsen for putting that darn picture online! I couldn't help how jet lagged I was! but since you asked, I am doing much better. Public transportation just makes me tired. Be safe on your trip to Haiti! I want to hear all about it!!!
Ik houd van jullie!
Love, Zr Packer

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