Monday, July 1, 2013

Mobsters and Africans

Agh, what a week!!!

Taylor and Zuster Israelsen, her trainer.
I have to start out with how much I love the Africans here. Not what you're expecting right? Well I'll explain why.
So K, our main investigator brings his friend A, who my companions met at an African Coffee bar when they were teaching a man named C. We also have a new investigator, G who I am pretty sure they just contacted on the street. Well, in our first appointment with G he brought his 2 other Kenyan friends J and J. That was fantastic, and we really learned a lot about them. Well the next day we were contacting in the Centrum and on our way there we passed said African Coffee Bar, where C and G were hanging out outside with a big ole group of friends. C saw us and invited us into the bar to talk about the word of God. Low and behold the rest of his friends were interested, so we met F! The gospel is seriously like a virus to them! They just share it with everyone they meet! which makes referrals super easy for us.

Zuster Israelsen, Zuster Packer, and Zuster Brown.
We got a new investigator this week named Z. Hes a kind of lonely older man who looks like a mobster, that may or may not be why we contacted him. He's from Italy, so on our first appointment he made us real Italian spaghetti. SO GOOD! We didn't get far in the lesson though because he asked a lot of questions, and his dutch is hard for me to understand. BUT he came to church yesterday, and I know he loved it. I think he has a hard time leaving though, because he texts us about being lonely, which unfortunately we can't do too much about except keep inviting him.

I have learned talking to the weird people helps!  We were in a park the other day, and saw a man doing weird kung fu something with a stick.. Meditating? I don't know. But we talked to him for seriously at least an hour, that was on exchanges, so I don't know if they have contacted him again. I think he definitely will progress though. He asked us to sing for him... in the middle of the park, so we did.  He asked for a way to contact us! So cool!
That about sums up my week! K is preparing for baptism, he is so ready, I love it! And my collegas are teaching me so much!
Taylor with her collegas,Zuster Israelsen and Zuster Brown. 
tot volgende week!
Ik houd van jullie!

Love, Zuster Packer

( From Taylor's mom:  I love Taylor's companions and their Moms!  Without them I wouldn't any have pictures of Taylor. Thank you!
I don't know if she's still figuring out the French keyboard, but we aren't getting as much info. as this mother wants.) 

The only Dutch sister in the MTC.  She looks miserable.

 On exchanges with Zuster Hoff in Breda with Zuster Brown.
Breakfast or Dinner?

Haha, apparently her trainer has a sense of humor.  This is one of my favorites! :-)

With a family in the Branch.

They spend a lot of time on buses and trains.

Sleepover with Breda Sisters.

Zuster Brown loves ice cream and peanut butter.  A companionship made in heaven!


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