Friday, July 19, 2013

Hectic week


It has been a hectic week! If only I could explain! We will start out with approximately 7 hours after I sent my last email, when Zr Israelsen messed up her ankle, needless to say she has been stuck here in the apartment for the last week and is totally hating it.  Zr Brown and I, the two greenies, have had to go out on our own while sweet Helen stays here with Zr I. Oh it has been an adventure!!!!

We have had a few appointments with K this week, and every one of them A has come to, like out of his own will. because he wants to see the sisters! We are going to have to postpone K again, we found out there is a little more to his coffee problem than we thought. Apparently he is living with a woman who is threatening to kick him out if he stops drinking it. She is not very positive about the church at all. He doesn't have anywhere else to go, and it is super hard for him to find an apartment when he has no money... :( We keep praying for him, but we are kind of stuck for the time being. The miracle has been that A has started praying with us!!!! Its in french because that is the only way he is comfortable praying, but the spirit is just as strong. I think with a little more pestering he will finally come to church! He keeps saying he will, but has yet to actually do so... Darn him! 

I think our plan for the gemeente (ward?) is going super well. We have spent part of the week heart attacking the members doors, and leaving thank you cards. But as my life goes, we've almost gotten caught every stinking time. It has gotten to the point where little kids see us outside and ask if they can come help. So, we have been utilizing their help. Its pretty hilarious they just wave and laugh as we run from each house, their dutch is probably the cutest thing in the world. 

We had a lesson with a guy named F the other day, basically he is a Mormon and doesn't know it. We went through the restoration, and he totally believes all of it and wants to hear more. He said that God saved his life so he can become a doctor. I believe it, so my prayers are with him that he can find somewhere to go and get back to school. It was hilarious, he basically taught us the law of chastity at the end of the lesson, because he loves how modestly we dress. 
That has been my week so far! Hope that is enough details mom... I figure you read my collegas blogs anyway! I'm so excited that you guys went to Haiti!!! Its weird that I will come back and have sisters! Oh but 'IM so excited and praying for it continually, love each of you.
Liefs, Zr Packer 

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