Monday, July 22, 2013

Transfer Week

Hey guys guess what!

So crazy right? Now that I am finally getting used to this darn keyboard I'm going up to the Netherlands! I am so excited! But I'm also way sad, because all 3 of us are getting split up. Zr Israelsen is getting a new greenie, as well as Zr Brown. I will be with Zr Elting from my MTC group! It is going to be madness getting us all moved though, first off because we are out in the stinkin boonies. We each have 3 things of luggage, and Zr I has a bike... Even though she is finally walking again I don't think this is going to be anywhere close to easy. Trains and luggage don't exactly mix well. It'll be good though! Our gemeente is SO sad we are leaving. Elders are replacing us, so it will be interesting to see how that all goes.

I think I am most upset to leave our investigators! K is working SO hard to get an apartment. He told us he knows he shouldn't get baptized until after he is moved out and has control over his life again. (that made it easier to tell him we would have to postpone it for that reason anyway...) But he has been going to appointments to find apartments, and I have confidence he will find one soon. A is finally progressing!!! Not only will he pray for us now, but we got him to come to church!!! I taught him what a pinky promise was and said if he broke his pinky promise to come to church I'd be pretty upset because of how important it is. He was dead tired because he had been at a party the whole night before, but he came! I pray that he will continue progressing without us pestering him every 15 minutes. I love how much they have become like family to us. Its their culture that everyone is family, but it's funny how much they take that to heart. One of our investigators - G - Loves talking to us. We have appointments with him wherever he takes us. One day it was super hot and sunny so I was walking in the shade, he turns to me and says "I see you hide from the sun!" Yes G... Have you seen how pale I am? "Oh, I will give you some of my color! The sun doesn't hurt me!" HAHA!  If only George, if only. I love them so much! I did show off my awesome mary jane tan line to them though, have to say 'Im pretty proud of it.

Z (the one who had a crush on her companion) is back, he has been hanging out at the bar just a few blocks from our apartment. We have had to take a whole bunch of different ways to get home to avoid running into him again. Its kind of a pain, he is pretty mad we dropped him... And changed our number. But he just wasn't ready to receive the gospel.

I would like pictures if at all possible? Printed ones. Oh and I'll send my address in Dordrecht when I get there... If anyone feels the need to write :) I'd love for everyone to read Ether 12 this week! I felt impressed to share it, it definitely built up my faith this week!
Ik houd van jullie!!!
Liefs, Zr Packer

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  1. Kira (zus. Anjewierden) is just leaving Dordrecht. She loves it there.
    The address there is Oranjelaan 244, 3312 GM Dordrecht, Nederland. She loved serving with Sis. Elting